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Non-profit membership

As a non-profit community association, the Brisbane German Language School relies on its members to run smoothly. Therefore, we require all our students to become members of the association. The annual membership fee is $25 but has to be paid only once per family. If you just want to support us, please consider becoming a member [email] or enrol for membership only. It would help us out enormously.

Volunteer management committee

Our school operates as a non-profit incorporated association managed by a volunteer management committee. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and currently has the following members:

  • President: Natalie Hansen
  • Vice President: N/A
  • Secretary: Vanessa¬†Thompson
  • Treasurer: Philipp Arnold
  • Marketing Coordinator: Kohen Hansen (external)
  • Social Media Coordinator: Kohen Hansen (external)

Please support the school by joining the management committee or in a less formal capacity [email].

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