Adult Courses

Our course program offers interactive, engaging and affordable German classes for adult learners at all levels from absolute beginners to fluent speakers. Classes at BGLS are small, with an average number of no more than 8 students.

All ages from 18 years and over are welcome to enrol.


  • St Peter’s Lutheran College in Indooroopilly on Thursday nights (18:00 – 20:15); and  
  • St Peter’s Lutheran College in Indooroopilly on Saturday mornings (09:00 – 11:45)

Enrolments are possible for one term (9 weeks, $375 plus textbook and membership) or for 2 terms (18 weeks, $675). Enrolment for two terms is recommended for best value and learning outcomes.

Our Beginner courses, level A1.1 for absolute beginners and takes 2 terms to complete.
All other courses take 4 terms (1 year) to complete, but can be joined at the start of any term.

We start Beginner courses 3 times a year.

The choice of level is based on self-assessment. Our Beginner courses require no previous knowledge of German.

If you have previous knowledge of German or are an advanced speaker, please refer to our course outlines for each level to help you select the appropriate course for you.

Our highly qualified and experienced native-speaking teachers focus on active communication, encouraging students to interact and participate in the classroom.

Our curriculum aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and develops effective speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

On request, we issue a certificate of attendance and level of competency achieved.

Adult Courses 2019:

Please click on course outline to see details of what each level covers:


Adult Beginners (Level A1.1) 

For absolute beginners – commencing in Term 3/2019
Saturday 09.00 – 11.45 (Lohe House) – starts 20 July 19
Textbook Schritte International 1 (Hueber) – $30 from BGLS

[course outline]
[enrol today]

Adult Beginners (Level A1.1) – Not Currently Available

For absolute beginners – continued from Term 2/2019
Thursday 18.00 – 20.15 (Lohe House) – starts 25 July 19

Textbook Schritte International 1 (Hueber) – $30 from BGLS

[course outline]
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Adult Intermediate (Level A1.2) 

Saturday 09.00 – 11.45 (Lohe House) – commencing 20 July 19
Textbook Schritte International 2 (Hueber) – $30 from BGLS

[course outline]
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Adult Intermediate (Level A1.2)

Continued from Semester 1/19
Saturday 9.00 – 11.45 (Lohe House) – starts 20 July 19
Textbook Schritte International 2 (Hueber) – $30 from BGLS

[course outline]
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Adult advanced (Level A2.1) 

Thursday 18.00 – 20.15 (Lohe House
Textbook Schritte International 3 (Hueber) – $30 from BGLS

[course outline]
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Adult advanced (Level B1.2)

Saturday 9.00-11.45 (Lohe House) – starts 20 July 19
Textbook Schritte International 6 (Hueber) – $30 from BGLS

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Adult advanced conversation (Level B2.1-C) – Not Currently Available

Thursday 18.00 – 20.15 (Lohe House
Course materials provided by BGLS

[course outline]
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Contact us

Our friendly and experienced Adult Coordinator Ruth Armstrong [email Ruth] will assist in choosing the course that is right for you, but please consult all the information above first. 

4 Replies to “Adult Courses”

  1. Hi
    Looking at absolute beginners course
    Is there a possibility for an external course as wife and I would like to do it but we have a 4mth old baby and 3.5 yo toddler

  2. Hi Ruth,

    I’m interested in finding about your classes and wondered if you could give me some more information.

    I see that your adult beginner class has just commenced on 2 May. I’m looking at the classes held at Milton State.

    Would you recommend waiting until the next commencement date and if so, when is that next start date?



    • Hello Tim,
      the beginner classes in Milton are up and running in their third week now but you are welcome to join in if you are keen.
      The next beginner class will start in Term 3 – 18 July. You could always do a trial lesson and decide from there?

      Please contact Ruth on [email protected].

      Thank you.

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